Porta 610HF High Frequency Portable X-ray Unit

Porta 610HF

Here is the latest from Porta. Built with the small animal Vet in mind the 3.5kW 610HF is the natural upgrade from those great old portables we clung to for years. The jump in performance and functionality is astounding – by comparison.

The 610HF is a monobloc design with a built in collimator. The full anatomical program fascia allows you to program and adjust your technique to suit your film/screen combination, processing and individual preference. The unit also runs in manual mode as a the default setting. Watch out for our combination package specials for this unit with the RAD-X Compact Vet tables and mobile stands. This unit is set to become a class leader for this range of x-ray unit.

ManufacturerJOB Corp
ModelPorta 610HF
DescriptionHigh Frequency Portable X-ray Unit
mA Range20-65mA
mAs Range0.4 to 64mAs - 23 settings
mAs Selections0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.3, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 3.2,4.0, 5.0, 6.3, 8.0, 10, 13,16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 64.
Rating 40 - 54kV65mA0.4 - 32mAs
  60mA40 - 64mAs
 55 - 62kV55mA0.4 - 25mAs
  50mA32 - 64mAs
 63 - 68kV50mA0.4 - 25mAs
  45mA32 - 64mAs
 69 - 75kV45mAsd0.4 - 20mAsf
  40mA25 - 64mAs
 76 - 85kV40mA0.4 - 20mAs
  35mA25 - 64mAs
 86 - 100kVsdf0.4 - 16mAs
  30mA20 - 50mAs
ControlsRotary Switch
DisplayLED - Reversible
Anatomical Program168 settings – 14 body parts, 2 views, 6 sizes
X-ray TubeD205 Toshiba
Focal Spot2.0mm
Target Angle20 deg.
Anode Heat Storage40kHU
CollimatorBuilt-in. 30 second timer with touch pad select button. Cross indicator
Lamp12V 50W Halogen
Filtration2.5mm Al. at 100kV
Laser PointersTwin Laser Pointers to indicate approximate centre of field and focal distance in bright daylight.
Hand SwitchTwo stage deadman with up to 2.5m curled cord
Power Cord6metre heavy duty
Power Input240V 50/60Hz (Standard power outlet)
Size in mm382L x 204W x 169H

3.5kW Power output – from 65mA@40-54kV to 35mA@86-100kV.
40-100 kV in 1kV steps - Rotary switches with back lit 7 segment LCD display
0.4 - 64 mAs in 23 settings - Rotary switches with back lit 7 segment LCD display
Anatomical Programming Selections – memory store for common factors based on anatomical region and subject size. Tailor to your film/screen/processing.

X-ray Tube

  • Toshiba D-205
  • 2.0mm Focal Spot
  • 40KHU heat Unit Housing
  • 20 Degree Target Angle

Collimator with 30 second timer, 2.5mm AL Filtration @ 100kV

Twin Laser Pointers – accurate focal distance and direct beam centering

6 metre power cable, 2.5 metre two stage deadman exposure switch

Weight – 18kg

Line Voltage Compensation – automatic with filament stabilization – tube protection

Compliance Test and Certification