RAD-X SE-30 30kW Stored Energy High Frequency Generator and Tube upgrade.

RAD-X SE-30 30kW Stored Energy High Frequency Generator.

  • 125kV 40 – 125kV in 1 kV increments.
  • 400mA 25,50,75,100,150,200,250,300 and 400mA selections.
  • Time Selections 0.002 – 2 Seconds.
  • mAs selections up to 100mAs.

Factor selection choices:-

  • 3 Point control – kV, mA and time.
  • 2 Point control – kV and mAs.
  • APR – Anatomical Programs – 12 Anatomical Regions, just select the region, select view, enter subject thickness in cm and expose.
  • Fully adjustable to suit you film screen combination.
    Control Console mounting - options for wall or bench.
  • High frequency waveform gives shorter exposure times, lower subject dose and greater accuracy, exposure to exposure.
  • Microprocessor control provides increased consistency and efficient operation.
  • Extended x-ray tube life through advanced protection circuitry.
  • Automated line voltage compensation – no manual adjustments required.
  • Onboard self diagnostics – advanced system protection, increased serviceability.

X-ray Tube – Toshiba E7239X – 1.0 / 2.0mm Dual Focal Spot

  • High Tension Leads, Collimator and Trunnion Rings if required.