Konica Processing Chemicals

Konica Processing Chemicals

Konica MRD & MRF

These chemicals are designed for the low volume user who has irregular use and currently finds the developer oxidising and causing poor quality results. MRD and MRF are simple to mix and give extended life, especially in warmer climates for auto processors.

MRD Developer

  • 2 x 5 litre mix

MRF Fixer

  • 2x 5 Litre mix
1. File description: Konica MRF MSDS [214.4KB]

File name: MRF_PART_1_2_and_Working_MRF.pdf

2. File description: Konica MRD MSDS [226.2KB]

File name: MRD_PART_1_2_3_and_Working_MRD.pdf