X-Ray Identification Tape

Here are frequently asked questions about X-Ray Identification Tape. If you have additional questions, we will be happy to answer them. Simply send your questions to us and we'll get you an answer promptly.

How does the ID tape work?

The x-ray tape uses an exposure absorbing material that when displaced by typing or writing allows the displaced area to appear on the x-ray.

What is a density filter?

The identification system for MED I.D. is designed to be used in conjunction with a density filter. This device acts as an aid in the identification procedure by providing permanent, essential information such as the name of your practice, practitioner's name and practice location. This eliminates the need to re-write this information on each x-ray. In addition, the density filter enhances readability of each x-ray with a built in filtering process designed specifically for each customer.

My identification is hard to read. What’s wrong?

Different exposure settings require different types of density filters. If your identification is too dark or too light you need to change your density filter color selection.

As equine practitioner, the adhesive on my tape wears out after several x-rays. What can I do?

On an average the adhesive on the MED I.D. tape will last for 3-5 x-rays. After this, continued use will cause the tape to lose its adhesive ability. In addition extreme weather conditions will affect the tapes ability to adhere to the cassette surface. To help prevent this problem, MED I.D. has a density filter design that includes a clip attached to the side of the filter, which can then be attached to your cassette