Second-Hand Sound - Eklin - Mark IIIG - Portable

The Sound-Eklin Mark V Portable Digital Radiography System Includes:

A detachable 23cmx28cm (actual image area) DR sensor panel with 4,096 grayscale contrast. The portable DR control console/ diagnostic workstation is housed in a ruggedized molded polyethylene case incorporating water and dust resistant features designed for the equine practitioner's work environment. The Mark IIIG is designed so that the sensor panel and cable may be transported in a built in holster ensuring that set up is quick and easy. The system is equipped with conveniently placed carrying handles and includes a hinged protective cover that also serves as a sunscreen for outdoor viewing. It has storage for up to 8000 images.

Other included features of the Mark IIIG are:

  • 17" high resolution (1280x1024) touchscreen monitor that functions both as a control panel for the DR system and as a diagnostic eFilm workstation thereby eliminating the need to transport a laptop into the field.
  • A miniature USB keyboard with built in touchpad that may optionally be used for data entry and study review thereby supplementing touchscreen data entry and image review.
  • Built in CD/DVD R/W drive
  • Field-replaceable DR sensor cable
  • Protective Sensor Panel Sleeve for the 23cmx28cm sensor panel – soft rip-stop nylon
  • Custom standing-shot tunnel specifically designed to protect the small format 23cmx28cm EDR sensor panel. Tunnel has a carbon fiber top surface, a carrying handle, and incorporates a lead backing to reduce back-scatter artifacts.
  • Panel Holder – adjustable - for the small format sensor panel
  • X-Ray synchronization interface for one portable generator
  • DICOM 3.0 connectivity
  • One-year Return-to-Factory warranty
  • eFilm WorkStation Viewing Software - pre-configured veterinary version allowing multi-modality viewing, including Ultrasound, MR, CT, NM and Digital Endoscopy.
  • Grid Suppression software
  • RapidFire - scripting software to automate pre-purchase and other routine exams
  • AccuStitch - DICOM image stitching software

Technical Specifications

Sensor Panel

TypeCXDI-60G Direct Capture Digital X Ray
Imaging Area9” x 11” (23cm x 28cm)
Pixel Pitch160 x 160 Microns
Pixel Array1464 x 1776 pixels
Grayscale12 bit (4,096 levels)
Weight2.7 kg (5.9 lbs)
Dimensions35.6 cm (14") wide x 38.1 cm


Control Interface17” LCD touch-screen display allows for easy navigation through the Acquisition and Review software while also providing a large viewing area for review, Multi-frequency image processing algorithms, RapidFire scripting software, Grid Suppression™ software, External USB keyboard with touchpad (not required for operation)
Diagnostic eFilm Workstation™eFilm software for viewing images from all DICOM modalities including DR, CR, digital ultrasound, MRI, CT and nuclear scintigraphy, AccuStitch™ DICOM image stitching software for assembly of single image from multiple DR DICOM images of large body parts (e.g., equine necks)
Image StorageApproximately 12,000 images can be stored locally, Dual high speed USB 2.0 ports
Console DetailsHigh strength molded polyethylene external case, Water and dust resistant construction, All external connections on the same side of the case, Built-in carrying handles
Operating Environment10-35C (50-95oF) 30-75% RH (non-condensing)
Console WeightWithout panel and cable – 20.4 kgs (45 lbs)
Complete System WeightWith panel & cable – 24.0 kgs (53 lbs)
Dimensions45.7 cm (18”) wide x 50.8 cm (20”) high x 40.6 cm (16”) deep