Fujifilm - FCR Capsula X - Package

Fuji Capsula X

The Radincon X-Ray Veterinary Fujifilm FCR Capsula X CR System Includes

Fujifilm Capsula X CR Reader Unit

The Capsula X has all the features and benefits of the XLII but with a more moderate reading speed. It is capable of processing 54 - 24x30cm cassettes per hour. The Capsula X also has the option of high resolution 50 micron or true fine detail capabilities.

Fujifilm FCR Console Lite Workstation PC (Image Acquisition or Image Capture)

This workstation is used for entering study information including patient name and ID, selecting suitable anatomical views to be read, initial captured CR image preview, quality review, adjustment if required and distribution to a DICOM workstation, PACS server or teleradiology systems. It comes with a high resolution standard monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Fujifilm Image Intelligence

This is an integration of various digital image processing technologies to enhance the contrast and sharpness of the entire image without and risk of losing the image details. With Image Intelligence technology, you can know obtain stable, optimised, high quality images.

  • Exposure Data Recogniser (EDR) – this software allows consistent density and contrast even when images are over or under exposed.
  • Dynamic Range Control (DRC) – this software improves visibility of both dense and peripheral tissue by adjusting density and contrast characteristics.
  • Flexible Noise Control (FNC) – this software extracts noise data and suppresses noise levels in images without losing diagnostic information from the image.
  • Shutter Processing – this software gives you the black border allowing you to just see the imaged area without the white all around, enhancing your diagnostic viewing.
  • Look Up Table (LUT) – this software allows for adjustment of brightness and contrast at the initial image review stage.
  • DICOM IM – this software is required for sending DICOM images and studies to a DICOM workstation, PACS server or teleradiology system for clinical diagnostic review.
  • Multi-Objective Frequency Processing (MFP) – this software enhances soft tissue detail to bring you the best in image quality.

Fujifilm Plates and Cassettes

  • Fujifilm Imaging Plate (IP) and IP Cassette – 35x43cm
  • Fujifilm Imaging Plate (IP) and IP Cassette – 24x30cm

RAD-X DICOM Viewing Workstation PC (Image Review / Study Manager)

This workstation provides a complete DICOM clinical review workstation platform and features as a minimum standard an Intel Motherboard P67 uATX, Intel i5 5200 series processor, 4GB RAM DDR3, 500GB Enterprise hard disk drive, DVD RW+- writer, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, Nvidia PCI Express Graphics card – dual DVI – dual monitor support - DICOM spec, 650w PSU and a keyboard and mouse. The RAD-X DICOM Viewing Workstation PC comes with an Eizo FlexScan MX210 21.3” 2.0 Megapixel, 1600 x 1200 pixel Medical Grade Colour Monitor

The RAD-X DICOM Viewing Workstation PC comes with eFilm Workstation DICOM Viewing and Review Software installed (Single User License) That has been optimized for veterinary practices. eFilm can be used to view images from all DICOM modalities including DR, CR, CT MRI, ultrasound, nuclear scintigraphy, etc. Embedded Image Channel, when combined with Fusion PACS, allows you and other eFilm users to view all images across the internet, even with limited bandwidth. Add-on software is available for a variety of applications like surgical templates and 3D/4D reconstruction of CT images. Also burn CD/DVDs of studies as DICOM or jpeg images for your client or to go for radiology reporting.