eFilm Workstation

Veterinary practices, hospitals and universities are swiftly making the move to create a filmless environment. Digital imaging is a fast and affordable way to streamline your operations and improve your workflow by reducing film processing time, save on resources and provide high quality patient care.

Radincon eFilm Workstation software is easily installed on any standard PC with seamless integration to all major modalities or can be easily intergraded with a PACS. eFilm provides you with widespread image distribution at your clinic, hospital and in the field. 3D Viewing, spine labeling and other advanced features within Radincon eFilm Workstation provide the perfect platform from basic usage to advanced use.

eFilm ™ 3.3 VET includes the following features:

  • Run on Vista and Windows 7™ (both 32 and 64bit)
  • Burns eFilm ™ lite CD’s that work in Vista™ and Windows 7™ (both 32 and 64bit)
  • Supports JPEG2000 compressed DICOM files for faster transfer and less bandwidth
  • Now uses MS SQL instead of MS Access so it can support a much larger number of studies within its study list
  • Supports veterinary attributes in overlay display
  • Better handling of multi-frame images
  • Includes Hanging Protocol and Key Image servers for no additional fee
  • Write to DVD and CD
  • Copy and paste images directly into Windows™ application

You can download a 30 Day Trial version of eFilm 3.3 Veterinary Version here