Ibex Lite


  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • All-digital image
  • DuraScan™ technology: impact and dust resistant, cleanable, bio-secure
  • Durable, industrial grade probe connectors
  • Kevlar reinforced, tough grade probe cabling
  • Four hour battery life
  • Clear, detailed image quality advancements
  • InSite® technology includes new, redesigned flip-up InSite®2 monitor headsets for easier use in direct sunlight
  • New features: field of view, quick zoom, flash drive image storage, direct USB link, voice tag
  • Designed, manufactured and serviced in the United States

Technical Specifications

Dimensions8.9"L, 7"W, 2.2"D
Weight1.63 kg
System Dynamic Range156 db
Frame Rate30 frames/second
256 Greyscale
Multi Channel Digital Beamformer
Modes of Operation B Mode, B+M Mode, M Mode
Transducer Support2.0 MHz - 10 MHz 128 Element Linear/Curved Linear Probes
3.5 MHz - 7.5 MHz Sector Probes
Probe Scan DirectionUser Selectable
ConnectivityUSB® 2.0 Image Storage and Recall
Wireless (802.11) Connectivity
PowerSmart Li-ion battery powers unit for 4-6 hours
Stand-alone external battery charger available
AC Power for charging
Measurement ToolsUnlimited caliper sets for distance measurements
Continuous area of circumference
Grid option for quick measurements
Calculation tables
On-Screen text annotations and arrows
Dual image feature for side-side comparisons
Heart rate measurements
Distance and time calculations
Image Storage240 Frame cine loop memory
Compact flash image storage and recall
Ausio tags can be stored with the image
Static images can be saved from Cine Loop
Measure and recalculate off of saved images
DisplayInSite®2 Video Headset for image display - 640 x 480
Monocular Headset Available
Wireless External Monitor Available