Sonace X6

Sonace X6

Medison X6 Colour System including PW Doppler

The system provides multipurpose applications. The system provides high quality of image resolution and sensitivity in all scanning modes including B/D/M/C/CW mode. The system supports probes of convex, linear, phased array, endo-cavity. The system supports DICOM 3.0 and can be easily connected to PACS networking.

Premium High Resolution Ultrasound System

  • High capacity image storage
  • 256 Frame Cineloop image review
  • Measurement package
  • 80GB hard disk drive / Sonoview Image management
  • AC power supply, User manual, Printer Cable
  • Advanced OB/GYN, Urology, Cardiac Calculations Package

System Options

  • DICOM- - Integrated Worklist – On-board DICOM solution provides connectivity to standard PACS networks. Supports
  • DICOM store and print classes.
  • Freehand 3D – Advanced freehand 3D
  • 3rd Probe Connector – Additional transducer module for X6 system that allows connection of up to three transducers simultaneously.
  • Disposable Biopsy Kit – Disposable biopsy kit for endocavity probes
  • Reusable Biopsy Guide Reuseable biopsy guide for endocavity probes
  • Cardiac Pack – CW Board + Sterred CW + Cardiac Software


  • PB-C3-7EP 3-7 MHz / 50 R / 70 D convex probe
  • PB-C4-9/10ED 4-9 MHz / 10 R micro convex probe
  • PB-NEV4-9ES 4-9 MHz / 10 R / 150 D endocavity probe
  • PB-NER4-9ES 4-9 MHz / 10 R 150 D endocavity probe STRAIGHT
  • PB-AXHL5-12ED 5-12 MHz / 40mm Linear
  • PB-AXL5-12 / 50EP 5-12 MHz / 50mm Linear
  • PB-AXP2-4AH 2-4 MHz / 19mm Phased Array

Technical Specifications

Ultrasound moduleUltrasound Engine Modules: CW, Front-End (Beam-former), Back-End (DSP, DSC, Video Manager), PSA (Probe Select Assembly), Mother board
CPU moduleMain host CPU: CPU card including Geode processor, 512MB main memory, DVI/LAN/ USB/ Sound functions, and Interfacing function to Ultrasound module
Key moduleKey Input part: Key Interface, Key Matrix, Trackball unit
Rear moduleSystem Input/Output part
Software moduleMain control, Measurements, DB engine, SonoView, 3D view, etc.
Mechanical Design / Enclosure moduleFour wheel swivel, Rack, Housing, Chassis, etc.
Power supply moduleAPM (AC Power Module), DPM (DC Power Module)
Monitor module15” LCD Monitor