Medison Sonace R3

SonoAce R3

High Resolution Ultrasound System – Colour

Full-featured digital imaging on your desktop

The SONOVET R3 is a full-featured portable digital color ultrasound system with virtually all the imaging capabilities of a cart-based system.

  • Colour, power and PW Doppler
  • Full Spectrum Imaging
  • Harmonic Imaging
  • High capacity image storage
  • Cineloop image review
  • Measurement package
  • Hard disk drive / Sonoview Image management
  • AC power supply, User manual, Printer Cable

Organize and integrateyour workflow

While the SONOVET R3 is a versatile diagnostic tool in its own right, it is an equally powerful collaborative tool. In addition to the basic review, analysis, networking, and archival capabilities of the SonoViewTM provides the most advanced review and analysis capabilities available.

  • SonoViewTM Pro
  • DICOM 3.0
  • USB 2.0
  • Probe: C2-4/20, CN2-8, CN4-9, L5-12/60, LN5-12/40, LV2-5/180, LV5-12/60

    Medison R3

Expand your imaging horizons

Last but not least, the SONOVETE R3 delivers powerful ultrasound imaging in an ergonomic package that can be used anywhere. The intuitive control interface features a full keyboard and large, backlit keys for all major functions. A custom cart featuring probe holders and plenty of mounting room for peripherals is also available.

  • 15" LCD monitor
  • Two probe ports
  • Ergonomic handle in front panel
  • Easily height adjustable control panel
  • Lightweight

System Options

  • DICOM – Integrated Worklist – On-board DICOM solution provides connectivity to standard PACS networks. Supports DICOM store and print classes
  • Dual Probe Connector – Dual-transducer module that allows connection of up to two transducers simultaneously.


  • PB-C2-4/20 2-4 MHz / 20 R micro convex probe
  • PB-CN2-8 2-8 MHz convex probe
  • PB-CN4-9 4-9 MHz micro convex probe
  • PB-LN5-12 5-12 MHz / 40 mm linear probe
  • PB-LV5-12/60 5-12 MHz / 60 mm linear probe (Vet)
  • PB-LV5-12/180 5-12 MHz / 180 mm linear probe (Vet)


  • Mobile System Cart – Ergonomic stand secures Medison R3 system, provides mobile work platform

Technical Specifications

Ultrasound moduleUltrasound Engine Modules: Front-End (Beam-former), Back-End (DSP, DSC, Video Manager), PSA (Probe Select Assembly), Peripheral I/O interface.
CPU moduleMain host CPU: CPU card including Geode processor, 512MB main memory, DVI/ LAN/ USB/ Sound functions, and Interfacing function to Ultrasound module
Key moduleKey Input part: Key Interface, Key Matrix, Trackball unit
Software moduleMain control, Measurements, DB engine, SonoView Lite, 3D view, etc.
Mechanical DesignHousing, Chassis, etc.
Power supply module90~120V / 200~240V 50 / 60Hz, Free Voltage
Monitor module15” LCD Monitor