X-Ray Accessories

Everything x-ray that isn't an x-ray machine, system, generator or component.

  • RAD-X Mobile X-Ray Stand

    Height adjustable mounting stand for most portable x-ray units and fits through a normal doorway.

  • RAD-X Sand Bags

    Choose from:

    • 1kg
    • 3kg
    • 5kg
  • RAD-X Vari-Flex

    Fully adjustable stretch apron with the same basic features as the Vari-Weight option, but reducing stress on the back and shoulders through its design. This apron has the addition of an elastic insert in the rear flaps, offering greater adjustment and support. Velcro shoulder strap prevents slippage and included shoulder pads offer additional comfort.

  • RAD-X Vari-Weight Apron

    Two fully adjustable velcro straps across the back and attach to the front of the apron, providing a comfortable fit while keeping the apron on the shoulders. Shoulder pads offer additional comfort.