RAD-X Vari-Flex Apron

This apron provides great weight distribution and comfort. The fabric crosses your upper back then dips low to secure at your hips with a hook-and-loop fastener. This protective garment’s design rests the weight securely at your waist, keeps the sleeves on your shoulders, and is simple to take on and off. Hook and loop fastened shoulder strap prevents slippage off the shoulder and included shoulder pads offer additional comfort.


  • 0.5mm Lead Equivalence Protection


TrueLite – Mix of lead, antimony and plastisol makes this apron much lighter to wear than a standard lead apron.

  • Waist belt, adjustable 5cm wide, clip attachment at front, elastic stretch sections and support pads at back.
  • Shoulder strap, 5cm wide. Attaches left shoulder to right shoulder. Hook and loop fastening.
  • Nylon fabric covering

StarLite – Lighter weight than TrueLite — Mix of antinomy and plastisol – Lead free

Prestige – Lightest Weight — Mix of antinomy, bismuth and plastisol – Lead free


We generally stock Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large.
Sizes available as special order outside this. See Apron Sizing Chart for measurement guide.