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The Radincon Vets Choice Award

The Radincon Vets Choice Award recognises riders and horses who demonstrate everything which is great about riding. Talent, tenacity, courage and above all, superior horse management.

We introduced The Radincon Vets Choice Award in 2023, in partnership with Endurance NSW, to promote these great qualities. At every endurance ride of 80km or more, the rider who best embodies the spirit of the Award – as chosen by the vets on the day – receives a beautiful embroidered rug.

The primary judging criterion is that the rider manages their horse beautifully so that it finishes in excellent condition. Our vision is to recognise and encourage the commitment to equine welfare above and beyond winning. It’s all about rising to challenges while still caring for your mount. Winners might be stepping up to a longer distance, or managing their horse effectively after presenting with challenges at the first check-in.

Details and stories of all our 2023 winners are available here.

We’re proud to continue funding The Radincon Vets Choice Award in 2024 and we look forward to sharing the stories of our worthy winners at the following events:

The Radincon Vets Choice Award 2024

We’ll add winners as they are announced. Click on their names to read their stories.



The Radincon Vets Choice Award Winner

02.03.24 Scenic City Endurance Ride  
15.03.24 Central Ranges Endurance Ride  
19.03.24 Burrumbuttock Endurance Ride  
20.04.24 Tooraweenah Endurance Ride  
27.04.24 Bumbaldry Endurance Ride  
03.05.24 Willow Vale Endurance Ride  
11.05.24 Mt Lagoon Endurance Ride  
25.05.24 Watagans Endurance Ride  
15.06.24 Mogendoura Endurance Ride  
06.07.24 Willow Vale Endurance Ride  
03.08.24 Kiwarrak Endurance Ride  
26.08.24 Shazarda Endurance Ride  
07.09.24 Johns River Endurance Ride  
21.09.24 Central Ranges Endurance Ride  
01.10.24 The Tom Quilty Cup  
05.10.24 National Capital Endurance Ride  
02.11.24 Tumut Endurance Ride  


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