We supply specialist imaging technology to veterinary practices of all sizes and specialities. Whether you need to support your current system or are looking to upgrade to digital imaging, we have the experience and knowledge to advise you on the best equipment for your practice.

  • Barium Products – Contrast Media

    BIPS are inert, white, low density, radiopaque, barium-impregnated polyethylene spheres. They have a density similar to food but are sufficiently radiodense to show clearly on abdominal radiographs. BIPS are packaged with an information booklet in a Dual Cap pack (one of each option below) and in bulk packs of 15 options – either comprising 15 Small-Cap Options or 15 Large-Cap Options.

  • Fujifilm FCR Prima T2 CR System

    This CR image acquisition system suits a lower volume practice and includes technology for both acquisition and raw data storage. The medical grade monitor is high resolution suitable for image acquisition and post-processing. Includes installation and delivery.

  • Fujifilm Prima II

    A quality Fujifilm product – a simple reader unit but with proven image quality and durability, offering a processing capacity twice that of the FCR PRIMA. With Image Intelligence technology, you can now obtain stable, optimised, high-quality images.

  • GE Logiq e


    The GE Logiq e is a fast, simple and precise ultrasound machine suitable for small, large animal or mixed practice. It includes new probes and full cardiac options, making it an accurate, advanced imaging in a versatile compact ultrasound system for musculoskeletal, interventional, anaesthesia, emergency, and critical care.


    A general ultrasound imaging system designed for quick diagnostic exploration and full schedules. Suitable for small animal practice.

    Includes GE Applications training and set up, follow up training and support for Australia and New Zealand.  Call us for a Demo today!

  • GE Logiq S7

    The next generation in Vet Imaging.

    The GE Logiq S7 is versatile and affordable, perfect for Small Animal practice veterinary imaging. It can handle it all, delivering the high-quality images, ease of use and specialised capabilities that busy vets need.


  • GE Logiq V2

    The GE Logiq V2 is an ultrasound suitable for small, large or mixed practice. Comes with a colour Doppler, 15″ LCD Screen image, coded harmonic imaging and more features.

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    P400 X-Ray Generator

    Fully adjustable to suit your film/screen combination or digital acquisition, the microprocessor control provides increased consistency and efficient operation. Proven extended x-ray tube life through advanced protection circuitry.

  • Porta 100HF

    Fast and powerful portable high-frequency x-ray unit for equine or mixed practice.

  • Porta 120HF

    High Frequency Portable X-ray Unit. Perfect unit for small animal vet.

  • Porta 380HF

    Portable High-frequency x-ray unit for Small/Medium/Large Animal Veterinary practices.