• Porta 100HF

    Fast and powerful portable high-frequency x-ray unit for equine or mixed practice.

  • Porta 120HF

    High Frequency Portable X-ray Unit. Perfect unit for small animal vet.

  • Porta 380HF

    Portable High-frequency x-ray unit for Small/Medium/Large Animal Veterinary practices.

  • Protective Eyeware

    A must if you use an image intensifier or do fluoroscopy.

  • Protective Gloves

    Protective gear doesn’t stop at aprons – as an imaging professional your hands need protection as well. Our Pro-Image gloves are flexible and won’t get in the way of the job you need to do.

  • RAD-X Compact Vet Table 2

    This compact veterinary table works well with your x-ray grid, or we can also supply a new unit for you. It includes adjustable tie-down points, a foot operated lock and a cassette tray for under table work.

  • RAD-X ECO Stretch Belt

    Our most popular apron provides greater weight distribution and comfort. A fully adjustable 2” wide web buckle belt with the addition of padded elastic inserts provides a more comfortable, personalized fit. Velcro shoulder strap prevents slippage and included shoulder pads offer additional comfort.

  • RAD-X HF Premier Vet System

    The RAD-X HF Premier Vet Systems are the flexible choice when selecting a new x-ray suite for your hospital. We can tailor a package to suit your individual requirements and desires rather than an off the shelf system that may not be an ideal solution for you. The table tube stand combination provides the ultimate results in positioning possibilities with movement in all practical directions. This is the best European manufactured offering we could find and surpasses the quality of all other options in the market.

  • RAD-X Mobile X-Ray Stand

    Height adjustable mounting stand for most portable x-ray units and fits through a normal doorway.

  • RAD-X Sand Bags

    Choose from:

    • 1kg
    • 3kg
    • 5kg
  • RAD-X Vari-Flex

    Fully adjustable stretch apron with the same basic features as the Vari-Weight option, but reducing stress on the back and shoulders through its design. This apron has the addition of an elastic insert in the rear flaps, offering greater adjustment and support. Velcro shoulder strap prevents slippage and included shoulder pads offer additional comfort.