• RAD-X Vari-Weight Apron

    Two fully adjustable velcro straps across the back and attach to the front of the apron, providing a comfortable fit while keeping the apron on the shoulders. Shoulder pads offer additional comfort.

  • SE30TV

    The high-frequency waveform gives shorter exposure times, lower subject dose and greater accuracy, exposure to exposure. The microprocessor control provides increased consistency and efficient operation. The extended x-ray tube life is also great, with advanced protection circuitry.

  • Shimadzu MUX10 High Frequency Mobile X-Ray Unit

    Looking for high output but only have 240V? This is the straight line replacement for the old CD (condenser discharge) mobile that was bought cheaply and has given fantastic service over the years. Unfortunately “time’s up” for an ever increasing number of these great old units.

    We have a large number of clients who have invested in the MUX-10 and are very happy with the output, functionality and ease of use.

    With its flexible positioning, electronic locks, mobility and space saving design the MUX-10 is a great long term investment to solve your imaging needs.

  • X-Ray Film

    • Agfa X-ray Film

      Fantastic detail film on cats, birds and extremities

    • Fuji X-ray Film

      General Purpose Film Single Emulsion Mamo Film

    • Konica Minolta X-ray Film

      Konica MG-SR General Purpose Film