X-Ray Accessories

Everything x-ray that isn't an x-ray machine, system, generator or component.

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  • Auto Film Processors

    Auto Film Processors

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  • Personal Protection

    Personal Protection

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  • Positioning Aids

    Positioning Aids

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  • Agfa CP1000

    Quick and easy installation, with only a seven-minute warm-up time. No plumbing required and only requires two minutes of processing, designed to handle mammo and detail film. Currently only available in second-hand.

  • Apron Racks

    For storage of protective x-ray Aprons.

    Comes in 3 arm and 5 arm variations.

    Call us today for the price.

  • Barium Products – Contrast Media

    BIPS are inert, white, low density, radiopaque, barium-impregnated polyethylene spheres. They have a density similar to food but are sufficiently radiodense to show clearly on abdominal radiographs. BIPS are packaged with an information booklet in a Dual Cap pack (one of each option below) and in bulk packs of 15 options – either comprising 15 Small-Cap Options or 15 Large-Cap Options.

  • Calipers

    For accurate measurements, in a range of sizes. Call for pricing and sizes.

  • Daito XP400

    One of our more popular auto processors, its purpose is designed for lower volume situations and smaller spaces. It boasts simple installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Say goodbye to those old developing tanks and get ready for consistent processing results, no matter who does the developing.

  • Placeholder


    These envelopes make storing and transporting x-ray film easy.

    Options: 24 x 30, 35 x 43, Box of 250

  • Film Processing Chemicals

    These chemicals are designed for the low volume user who has irregular use and currently finds the developer oxidising and causing poor quality results. MRD and MRF are simple to mix and give extended life, especially in warmer climates for auto processors. Our clients also commented on contrast improvements when changing from a previous product.

  • Single Bay Film Viewer Box

    Film Viewer Boxes

    Choose from:

    • Single Bay Mount
    • Double Bay Mount
  • Foam Positioning Sets

    Positioning sets made of special non-radiodense high-density foam. Includes animal support channels, flat run of pads, 15/30/45 degree wedges.

  • Konica Minolta SRX 101A

    This is the unit that has become a standard for processing across the country. Simple to operate, economical to use and so easy to maintain. With our combination of processing chemistry, the SRX 101A can suit the widest range of applications, from the small practice to the busiest.

  • Personal Radiation Monitoring

    Lightweight, completely waterproof and economical. Easy to wear with good, simple design and comes with 10 Microsievert sensitivity for x-rays.

  • Protective Eyeware

    A must if you use an image intensifier or do fluoroscopy.