Auto Film Processors

  • Agfa CP1000

    Quick and easy installation, with only a seven-minute warm-up time. No plumbing required and only requires two minutes of processing, designed to handle mammo and detail film. Currently only available in second-hand.

  • Daito XP400

    One of our more popular auto processors, its purpose is designed for lower volume situations and smaller spaces. It boasts simple installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Say goodbye to those old developing tanks and get ready for consistent processing results, no matter who does the developing.

  • Konica Minolta SRX 101A

    This is the unit that has become a standard for processing across the country. Simple to operate, economical to use and so easy to maintain. With our combination of processing chemistry, the SRX 101A can suit the widest range of applications, from the small practice to the busiest.