Konica Minolta SRX 101A

Konica Minolta SRX 101A

This is the unit that has become a standard for processing across the country. Simple to operate, economical to use and so easy to maintain. With our combination of processing chemistry, the SRX 101A can suit the widest range of applications, from the small practice to the busiest.

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Quiet Operation

The SRX 101A is designed to run quietly. Efficient film drying technology and a high-performance drying fan reduce operating noise to a minimum.

Consistently high-quality images

An automated, precision replenishment system similar to that used in large, stand-alone processors assures that the SRX 101A consistently delivers high-quality images. Processing tanks are designed to prevent oxidation of solutions for long-term, stable operation.

Easy Maintenance, Built-in Safety Features

Film transport racks and evaporation barrier are modular for easy removal and daily checking. Also, solution tank corners are rounded to simplify washing. Safety features include an overheating shut-off switch and a non-fuse breaker.