Porta 100HF

Porta 100HF

Fast and powerful portable high-frequency x-ray unit for equine or mixed practice.

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Portable High-frequency x-ray for equine or mixed practice

  • 2kW Output
  • 40-100kV
  • 20mA at 100kV
  • 0.3-30mAs – Fast and Powerful
  • 8.8kgs
  • DR Interface

Compact & Light Weight

  • Size: 160mm(H) x 161mm(W) x 300mm(L)
  • Weight: 9.2kg or 20.3lbs
  • kV and mAs selectors adopted a rotary switch system for easy and quick selection of kV and mAs.
  • APR switch stores 8 examination parts and corresponding exposure data (kV/mAs) in order to avoid the annoyance of referring these data to the radiographic chart every time.
  • Automatic mAs control technique keeps always a real kV selected on the panel in order to obtain an expected picture result even at sites where a certain drop of line voltage occurs by the high impedance such as from the use of an extremely long extension cable.

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