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E.I. i3 Goggles

Monocle, Goggles and LED Goggles

The i3 LED goggles are small, lightweight and compatible with all IBEX veterinary ultrasound models as well as with Bantam and Easi Scan 1-4.
They come with versatile mounting options —ratcheted head-band, head strap and hat clip. Also included are detachable glare shields to block sunlight.

The all-new i3 goggles – monocular and binocular. Both versions come with a pre-attached hat clip, designed to be clipped to the bill of a hat or glasses.
A head strap is also included with the binocular version, along with hardware for mounting. Both models are small and lightweight, and are compatible with Ibex Evo, Pro, and Lite as well as with Bantam and Easi Scan 1-4.

Both models include:

  • 2 sets of rubber glare shields, one with a flare to shield sunlight and one without for better peripheral vision
  • User-replaceable cables


  • 800×600 color Oled display(s)
  • LCD displays with LED backlight
  • Half the weight of InSite2
  • Specially designed eye cups for inside and outdoor viewing
  • Adjustable links, universal clip
  • GoPro mount
  • 3 year warranty [regular use]

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