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Porta 120HF


This is the generally a choice for small animal practice.

The highest output portable in our range with enough power to handle most small animal cases. The 120HF delivers 50 mA at 100kV making it a 5kW output unit. Maximums of 100mA and 120kV with automatic mAs control keeps a real kV selected on the display. With a kV range from 40 up to 120 and mAs range 0.3 to 100 the 120HF is the class leader in the market.

For a portable to deliver a true output the 120HF does require a dedicated 15 amp power circuit, this is the same as an air conditioner circuit so no big deal. The APR panel stores 14 parts, 6 sizes in 2 directions giving up to 168 factor settings. Factors are of course entirely governed by the receptor system you have be it wet film, CR or DR due to the wide variation in sensitivity of each and therefore no generic set of factors will be just right.

We have technique chart starters to assist in getting you close and on the way to consistently fantastic results.

Another tough, reliable well-built Japanese unit that will give you years of reliable service and great value.


  • 5.0kW Power output – from 100mA@50kV (32mAs) to 30mA@120kV. (100mAs)
  • 40-120kV in 1kV steps
  • 0.3 – 100 mAs in 26 settings
  • Automatic mAs control technique keeps a real kV selected on panel.
  • Touch pad switches with back lit 7 segment LED display
  • 72 APR Selections – 14 parts, 6 sizes in 2 directions giving up to 168 factor settings
  • X-ray Tube – Toshiba D-183
    1.8mm Focal Spot
    42KHU Heat Unit Housing
    15 Degree Target Angle
  • Collimator with 30 second timer. Filtration – 2.5mm Al. at 100kV
  • Exposure Switch – two stage deadman with up to 2.0m curled cord
  • Power Cord – 3 metre
  • Power Input – 240V 50/60Hz – Requires dedicated 15 amp circuit.
  • Size in mm – 1130L x 640W x 1930H
  • Weight – 14.4kg
  • Line Voltage Compensation – automatic with filament stabilization – tube protection

Speak to an Imaging Specialist about the Porta 120HF

Our team can help you find the most suitable unit for your workflow.

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