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Porta 380HF


This is a great choice for mixed practice.

Light and powerful enough to handle most large animal cases in the field then come back to the practice and tackle most anything that comes through the door.

The 380HF delivers 15 mA at 80kV making it a 1.2kW output unit. Maximum of 20mA is available right up to 62kV before it changes to 15mA to cover the range up to 80kV. Displays kV and mAs.

The tube has a 0.8mm focal spot giving sharper detail especially on fine structures. Twin laser pointers for accurate focal. Light is activated with the lamp button or by the first stage of exposure. The display reverses a with button push.

Eight memory factor settings for your most common work. Digital ready if sync is required.

Tough, reliable well-built Japanese unit that will give you years of reliable service and great value.


  • 1.25kW Power output – 30mA@40-42kV, 20mA@43-62kV, 15mA@63-80kV
  • 40-80kV in 1kV steps
  • 0.3 – 20 mAs in 19 settings
  • Rotary switches with back lit LED displays
  • 8 APR Selections – 4 memory button store 8 common factor settings
  • X-ray Tube – Toshiba D-0813
    0.8mm Focal Spot
    7KHU Heat Unit Housing
    16 Degree Target Angle
  • Collimator with 30 second timer, 2.5mm AL 2@80kV
  • Twin Laser Pointers focusing at 75cm Focal Distance – accurate daylight centering
  • Exposure Switch – two stage deadman with up to 2.5m curled cord
  • Modular connector for DR sync
  • Power Cord – 6 metre
  • Power Input – 240V 50/60Hz (Standard power outlet)
  • Weight – 6.2kg
  • Line Voltage Compensation – automatic with filament stabilization – tube protection

Speak to an Imaging Specialist about the Porta 380HF

Our team can help you find the most suitable unit for your workflow.

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