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High Frequency Generator

The RAD-X CMP200 3 phase 32kW high frequency generator is an advanced machine that has high frequency waveform which gives shorter exposure times, lower subject dose and greater accuracy, exposure to exposure. The microprocessor control provides increased consistency and efficient operation. An extended x-ray tube life through advanced protection circuitry. It also includes automated line voltage compensation with no manual adjustments required. The onboard self-diagnostics has advanced system protection and increased serviceability.



  • Factor selection choices:-
    • 3 Point control – kV, mA and time.
    • 2 Point control – kV and mAs.
    • APR – Anatomical Programs – 12 Anatomical Regions, just select the
    • region, select view, enter subject thickness in cm and expose. Fully
    • adjustable to suit you film screen combination.
    • Control Console mounting – options for wall or bench.
    • Cabinet – 649mm (L) x 342mm (W) x 618mm (H)
  • 125kV  40 – 125kV in 1 kV increments.
  • 400mA  25,50,75,100,150,200,250,300 and 400mA selections.
  • Time Selections   0.002 – 6 Seconds.
  • mAs selections up to 600mAs.

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