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Mobile System

The gold standard in diagnostic imaging. Quick, simple and reliable to use. The images are captured and displayed within seconds. This comes packaged as a fully integrated RAD-X CXDI (NE) Workstation for DR image acquisition, post processing and raw data storage. It will integrate to existing x-ray tables and with a workstation option becomes a fully integrated imaging system. This will revolutionize productivity in your radiology department.

The CX3A can be very flexible as it can be mobile. This means it can be mounted on a stainless steel trolley with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) so that it can be used in radiology and also moved to the operating theatre for intraoperative imaging. This saves a great deal of time and improves productivity. In theatre you would have to bag the panel to protect it. We do stock Ziplock bags for this that can be gas sterilized.

Add to this your choice of the Canon CXDI Range of DR Panels. Two sizes available – 35x43cm and 30×40 cm. The CXDI 701 and 801 standard models or the CXDI 710 and 810 lighter carbon fiber, water resistant option. Same class leading Canon image quality, reliability and longevity. Serviced and maintained here in Sydney.


  • Dell Console PC – provides a complete image acquisition workstation.
  • RAD-X Canon CXDI NE Image Acquisition Software
  • 21” 2.0 MP Eizo RadiForce MX216 Medical Grade Monitor User Interface – height adjustable.
  • Unique RAD-X multi-frequency image processing algorithms.
  • Wireless X-Ray synchronization – Auto Trigger data detection.
  • Full commercial wireless access point (WAP) for greater coverage and connection
  • DICOM 3.0 connectivity
  • One-year warranty
  • Grid Suppression software
  • Merge eFilm Workstation Viewing Software – Single User License V4.2 (Win 8 – 10)
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