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RAD-X HF Premier Vet

Vet X-ray System

The RAD-X HF Premier Vet Systems are the flexible choice when selecting a new x-ray suite for your hospital. We can tailor a package to suit your individual requirements and desires rather than an off the shelf system that may not be an ideal solution for you. The table tube stand combination provides the ultimate results in positioning possibilities with movement in all practical directions. This is the best European manufactured offering we could find and surpasses the quality of all other options in the market.

Integrated Table Tubestand – the ideal table and tube stand combination. 4 way float top table, four way tube stand movement, tube angle rotation, cassette tray – tube stand move independently.

4 Way Float Top Table – 1525 x 730mm – moves longitudinally and laterally with electromagnetic locks – controlled by a foot pedal across the front of the table. Option for Fixed Fine Line Grid – 10:1 Ratio, 103lpi, 100cm focus or moving bucky grid.

Medical grade stainless steel cassette tray fully adjustable to all cassette sizes positioned either way in the tray. Grid cabinet interlocks automatically with tubestand.

Tubestand – travels the entire longitudinal length of the table base. The grid cabinet disengages automatically when the tube stand is moved to the extreme end of the table.

Laser guide on the collimator indicates the centre of the grid cabinet for correct positioning of angled exposures. Disengaged grid cabinet can be moved independently of the tubestand.


  • Table top – 1525 x 730mm
  • Table top movement – lateral 196mm longitudinal 700mm
  • Table top total movement area – 2225mm x 926mm
  • Table top height – 815mm
  • Base size – 1000(w) x 645(d)mm
  • Base and tube stand depth – 1110mmVariable height tube stand – 1900mm.
  • Tube arm support touch pad controls for tubestand movement and 180 degree rotation
  • Tubestand and bucky tray travel integrated or separated in either direction
  • Foot activated electromagnetic table locking
  • Stainless steel cassette tray, self-centering and lockable
  • Table side rails for patient restraint tie down
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