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RAD-X Mobile X-Ray Stand


This is our locally produced mobile x-ray stand. Designed to be compact, light and manoeuvrable in tight spots. Fully height adjustable to allow a consistent focal distance. It fits through any standard 2040mm doorway.

Commonly used in small and large animal practices it takes a variety of portable x-ray units, generally able to mount most in the market.


  • Stand Height – 2000mm at full extension
  • Tube support arm – adjustable to 330mm full reach
  • Base – 600mm x 600mm
  • Base height – standard castor wheels – 150mm
  • Winch with belting for height adjustment
  • Handle for maneuvering
  • Cleat for hanging cables
  • 4 braked castor wheels
  • Larger castors available for large animal or rough surfaces
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