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Shimadzu MUX10


Looking for high output but only have 240V? This is the straight line replacement for the old CD (condenser discharge) mobile that was bought cheaply and has given fantastic service over the years. Unfortunately “time’s up” for an ever increasing number of these great old units.
We have a large number of clients who have invested in the MUX-10 and are very happy with the output, functionality and ease of use.
With its flexible positioning, electronic locks, mobility and space saving design the MUX-10 is a great long term investment to solve your imaging needs.


  • 12.5kW Power output – up to 160mA
  • 40-125kV in 1kV steps
  • .32 to 100mAs – 51 settings
  • Touch pad controls with back lit LED displays
  • 72 APR Selections – 8 parts, 3 sizes in 3 directions giving up to 72 factor settings.
  • X-ray Tube – Circulex U161 (Shimadzu)
  • 0.7mm Focal Spot
  • 140KHU Heat Unit Housing
  • 16 Degree Target Angle
  • Collimator – R20CA. 30 second timer with touch pad and on collimator select button.
  • Cross indicator – rotatable.
  • Lamp – 12V 100W Halogen
  • Filtration – 2.5mm Al. at 70kV
  • Exposure Switch – two stage deadman with up to 2.0m curled cord
  • Power Cord – Retractable
  • Power Input – 240V 50/60Hz (Standard power outlet)
  • Size in mm – 1130L x 640W x 1930H
  • Weight – 240kG
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