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X-ray Collimators

X-Ray Collimators are intended for integration with radiography and fluoroscopy systems. All our collimators are equipped with a long-life LED light source that minimizes any maintenance because no adjustment of the field projection lamp or the mirror is required over time.

These manually operated collimator with large knobs for direct and accurate adjustment of the light field. The LED can be switched on with a push-button at the front. A laser line shows the center of the beam for correct positioning of the detector, and is available with and without a filter wheel for additional filtering.


  • Application Stationary X-ray equipment for radiography up to 150kV tube voltage.
  • Shutters: 4 pairs of shutters in two layers.
  • Mode of operation: Manual
  • Collimation Maximum field size: 43 x 43 cm at 1m SID
  • Models with filter unit include a manual operated filter disk with 4 positions
  • Laser(s) (optional): Single bucky center line laser, Class 2
  • Light source: White LED (5000K). Light source can be controlled by push button, external signal (“on/off”) and CAN-bus
  • Timers: LED timer 20 to 90 seconds, factory setting 20 seconds; Laser(s) timer 20 to 180 seconds, factory setting 20 seconds; The timers are software configurable via USB connection
  • Weight: 7.0 kg
  • Operating conditions: Ambient temperature +15°C ≤ T ≤ +40°C; Relative humidity 30% ≤ RH ≤ 75%; Altitude ≤ 3000m
  • Light field illuminance (IEC 60601-2-54; § 160-220 lx at 1m from focal spot, 35x35cm. Factory setting ≈200 lx.; The illuminance is software configurable via USB connection
  • Light field contrast (IEC 60601-2-54; § ≥4:1 at 1m from focal spot, collimated to 35x35cm
  • Leakage radiation (IEC 60601-1-3; §12.4): ≤0.5 mGy/hr at 1m from focal spot, with 150kVp, 4mA
  • Mounting distance (mounting plane to focal spot): 80 ± 1mm
  • Accessory rails: Two accessory slots, 178mm wide x 2 mm high; Optional: a double height accessory rails with four slots
  • DAP meter provision: A DAP-meter of max size 177x192x20 mm can be placed inside the collimator
  • Power supply: DC model: 24VDC; 24VA; AC/DC model: 12-45VDC; 24VA or 20-30VAC; 35VA; 50/60 Hz
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