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Radincon Events Participation

We’re back on board for 2024 and starting to plan our events participation. We love being part of the veterinary community, which includes getting out and about at events. Yes, we sell diagnostic imaging equipment, but we also make friends, build relationships and provide education and support in areas where we have expertise. We can’t attend every veterinary event out there, but we want to continue participating.  We especially love the more intimate, up-close-and-personal events where we have the most opportunity to answer your questions and discuss what matters to you. That often means events with 20 or 30 attendees rather than hundreds, and ones where the group has gathered for shared practical learning.  At the same time, we want to reach out and connect with as many of you as possible. Plans are always subject to change, but here’s what we have in mind for 2024. (You can also check out our 2023 event participation, or find out more about our support of NSW Endurance Riding via The Radincon Vets Choice Award.)

Upcoming Events in 2024

What When Where How Radincon are involved
From To
EVDS Equine Dentistry Level 1 4-Mar 9-Mar Grafton We plan to sponsor, attend and provide equipment
AVA Sailing Day 7-Mar 7-Mar Sydney Harbour We plan to sponsor and attend
2024 AAVDI Conference 17-Mar 24-Mar Queenstown, New Zealand We are the Gold Sponsor and will be attending
VetPD Joint & Tendon Sheath Ultrasound 7-May 8-May Melbourne We are sponsoring, attending and providing equipment
VetPD Hindlimb Lameness Diagnostics & Therapies 10-May 11-May West Vets, Brisbane We are sponsoring, attending and providing equipment

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VetPD Joint & Tendon Sheath Ultrasound and Therapies 13-May 14-May Waikato Equine Vet Centre, Cambridge, NZ We are sponsoring, attending and providing equipment
AVA Annual Conference 27-May 31-May Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre We are attending and exhibiting
VetPD New Developments in Equine Endoscopy & Respiratory Conditions 22-Jun 23-Jun Sydney REC We are sponsoring

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EVA Bain Fallon Lectures 21-Jul 21-Jun Rydges Lovedale, Hunter Valley We are attending and sponsoring the Golf
ANZCVS Science Week 24-Jul 27-Jul Gold Coast Exhibition and Conference Centre We plan to attend and provide equipment
The Tom Quilty Cup 18-Oct 20-Oct Wirrina Cove, SA We are a major sponsor and are providing all the imaging equipment for the on-site Veterinary Hospital


Past 2024 Veterinary Events

What When Where How Radincon are involved
From To
University of Adelaide / Sonovet Ultrasound Workshop 2-Jan 5-Jan University of Adelaide We provided equipment for hands-on practical experience
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